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Renovatio Ragnarok Online, Low-Rate Classic Pre-Renewal Server | THIS FALL

Тема в разделе "Server Announcements, Changelogs and Updates", создана пользователем Phenomena, 4 сен 2016.

  1. Phenomena

    Phenomena Активный участник

    2 авг 2016
    • Dear participants of the community! We are pleased to announce a brand new classic low-rate gaming Renovatio Ragnarok Online server. We've been trying and working on a game emulator, and gathered the best of what can be and what should be in the game 13.2 episode of this wonderful MMORPG game.
    • Further you can find the main features of our server on which you will not be bored and you will find something to do. In addition to russian-speaking audience, we have focused on attracting foreign players from Europe and Asia in order to diversify the game content and to make an even greater interest in the gameplay.
    • Here you can find a unique balance of classes, gaming skills and items, unique and complex at the same time available Kafra Shop, interesting game events for worthy prizes, interesting and unique to the world Ragnarok Online quests and more. We spent countless days for a new brand server that able to compete with the other top servers.
    • Server Rates: x3 / x3 / x3 ( still discuss about it, but it will be LOW-rate server );
    • Server Episode: 13.2 Encounter with the Unknown;
    • Server Mechanics: Pre-Renewal with stability fixes and bug improvements;
    • Server Timezone: GMT + 3;
    • Server Phisical Location: France, Dedicated Server
    Game Server Features:
    • Stable powerful gaming server with high-quality protection.
    • Fully balanced classes for the Pre-Renewal mechanics and 13.2 according to the gaming scene.
    • Working skills for all game classes.
    • New unique items for a variety of filling and improving game content.
    • Plenty of quests and other activities that will not allow the player to miss in the game.
    • Processed quests, fixes and improvements - work must be correct.
    • Constant's multilingual support players in the game and on the forum.
    • Work and configured Battleground 2.0 and improved War of Emperium with additions.
    • New and old useful commands that are specifically introduced for the convenience of players.
    • Sophisticated new and old Instances.
    • Balanced cloth coloring, hairstyles and mounts that are available through the game process.
    • Available game quests for Premium Account and other important and useful bonuses in the game.
    • Unique to the world Ragnarok Online Olympiad system - a system of class battles between players.
    • Sophisticated and modified Kafra Shop.
    • Facilities for the players in the form of quick sharpening objects to a safe level in 1 click.
    • Costumes creation for free.
    • Online Point System and advanced shopping Online Point where players can get valuable items.
    • A large number of hats, which have been specially selected and edited for a much greater variety in the game.
    • And much more!
    Renovatio Center
    • Special location, which can be accessed using the very first line in any Kafra worldwide.
    • Useful and unique game NPC ( Kafra Shop , Online Point Shop, Vote Point Manager, Common Tool Dealer, quests and game events ) .
    • Special high HP & SP restoration zones.
    • The ability to repair or sharpen your weapons / armor.
    Hunting Mission Quest
    • Special game quests of catching series of monsters.
    • Available monsters according to your base level.
    • The balance between the classes in the game in the choice of monsters.
    • Game class Acolyte / Priest if not a member of the group can choose only Undead monsters, otherwise the list is the same as for other classes (solo performance - hunting).
    • Group passage quests and offset kills monsters with your friends (if you and your friend is a member of a group and have this quest, and even if you have different monsters and their number, you can help each other, but the murders are counted only if both players have taken the quest consist in the group and are within no more than 17 cells from each other).
    • The reward for completing the quest as a Base Experience and Job Experience (players who have completed 50 or more quests may choose the kind of experience as a reward).
    • Statistics of Hunters and rewarded them each month.
    • The delay in the re-taking of this series of quests up to 24 hours from the moment of signing the contract.
    Treasure Hunter Guild
    • Completely made from 0 all new series of quests.
    • Admission quest.
    • Real objects and Treasure Hunter Coin are displayed in the inventory.
    • Three different categories with the ability to quickly add new categories ( collection of objects , delivery of items , NPC searching and unlocking the secret code ).
    • Over 60 unique quests that a player receives in a completely random order.
    • Treasure Hunter Coin which the player can be exchanged for Online Point and Cash Point!!!
    • The delay in the re- taking of this series of quests to 24 hours from the moment of signing the contract.
    And much more you can find on our new , fresh , unique , classic , balanced , secure , developed pre-renewal server Renovatio Ragnarok Online!
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