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Changelog 11/17/2016 (eng)

Тема в разделе "Server Announcements, Changelogs and Updates", создана пользователем ROffline, 22 ноя 2016.

  1. ROffline

    ROffline Administrator
    Команда форума

    4 авг 2016
    There has been a global changes on game server. Game emulator has been completely updated
    • Game server is now faster and more stable;
    • Fixed many issues that could lead to the fall of the game server;
    • Removed unnecessary testing in the emulator code, which entailed a slowdown of its work;
    • Removed unnecessary NPC, which are equally misled players;
    • Removed unnecessary commands that worked wrong ( will be reviewed );
    • Temporarily disabled BG 2.0: it is transferred to a new emulator, It has a lot of unnecessary and incorrect tests that stress the server and can cause the players disconnects;
    • Optimized gaming database;
    • In order not to reinvent the bicycle, a lot of game points were adjusted according to the official mechanics ( kRO, iRO, and some from ruRO );
    • Added automatic game events: Dice, Dice 2, Poring Catcher, Run for Your Life, Item Manager, Disguise - for all of these events, you can receive valuable prizes;
    • Added two PvP Arenas: Regular and debuff, you can reach there from the Renovatio Center;
    • Added one more event for development - modified Devil Square, which once upon a time was loved by players;
    • Homunculus autoloot now works from hunger 10 up to 30;
    • When feeding homunculus now "+" to hunger randomly generated from 1 to 10 instead of 10 ( preventive anti-afk);
    • Added new rule for Homunculus (Alchemist & Creators:
      • It is prohibited to collect more than 5 monsters by homunculus (mob train).
      • It is prohibited to use speed up spells, and items on the Alchemist class to increase speed of homunculus, if alchemist class is at AFK.
    • Added NPC which allows you to trade 10 any cards for 1 Old Card Album ( Cards in weapons, armor and etc doesn't counts. ) you can find this NPC at Renovatio Center;
    • Completely redone Hunting Mission quests:removed old quests, which were useless and never used by anyone, instead added the standard quests added to "items (loot) for experience" in Renovatio Center:
      • estriction on the level of the player;
      • You can re-complete the quests unlimited number of times;
      • each subsequent execution of the quest is reduced its award by 10% but cannot be more than 30%;
      • CD per each quest - is 1 hour and extends over the entire game account;
      • added detailed statistics on these quests;
    • Added new game item: War of Emperium Badge, which drops from almost all the monsters with a chance of 1% ( mushroom's & plants are lower chance ) you can use these badges to buy WoE items;
    • start the process of preparing server and WoE Castles: First WoE will be held at Friday, 25 November & Saturday, 26 November 2016 year;
    • Friday will be a three-hour WoE 1.0 at the Prontera Castle, at Saturday бwill be a three-hour WoE 2.0 in Yuno Castle;
    • Owner of Prontera Castle will be available access to ( prontera, al de baran, geffen and payon dungeons );
    • Owner of Yuno Castle will be available access to ( Schwaltzvalt & Arunafeltz );
    • Temporarily, until it is exactly confirmed, Super Novice can wear all weapons, and not only weapon level 4 ( in few days );
    • Temporarily switched off Online Point and Shop:
      • the system is fully processed and will affect also AFK players;
      • Will be added bonus for none stop online for 2/4/8/12/24 hours;
      • will be completely redesigned shop for Online Point: number of useful items expands, add some hats for OP;
    • Launched a calendar system, when every day players receive different bonuses, example: Health day ( all players will get +10% to their HP ), Day of Luck ( when killing monsters, players can receive the Gift Box regardless of the presence of Myst Case Card, etc. );
    • Launched bonuses when entering the game: many have seen in various MMO games, for every new +1 day player will get bonus for entering to the game;
    P.S: it is a drop in the sea of what has been done, because to tell the details does not make sense. If you are interested in the specific changes that are not in this post, you can write a message in the PM administration with your question!