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Community Board Rules

Тема в разделе "Community Board and Ingame Rules", создана пользователем Phenomena, 18 ноя 2016.

  1. Phenomena

    Phenomena Активный участник

    2 авг 2016
    1. Nicknames:
    1.1 Nicknames, that violate common behavior rules are prohibited.
    1.2 Nicknames, that include any type of advertising are prohibited.
    1.3 Nicknames, that include profanity or similar profanity words are prohibited.
    1.4 Nicknames, that offence other community users are prohibited.
    1.5 Nicknames, that doesn't have any sense and looks like unlogic characters or symbols are prohibited ( example: jkahsdkqgk&! ).
    1.6 Nicknames, that similar with any of administration team members are prohibited.

    2. Avatar, status and signature:
    2.1 The maximum userbar lenght ( number of images ): no more then 4 images one under another ( 700px x 300px ) and 8 lines of text ( font size 4 ).
    2.2 Content: content is inadmissible: violence, threats (on a demographic, national, religious or political basis), foul language (non-normative vocabulary, callousness, rudeness, etc.), debauchery (pornography and eroticism), discrimination in any manifestations, commercial Advertising and promotional texts, imitation of the rank / ranks of this resource, as well as provocative images.
    2.3 Strongly blinking signatures are forbidden (the degree is determined by the administration).
    2.4 Links to any resources of the network are forbidden, without coordination with the Administration (without any exceptions).
    2.5 Avatars that violate clause 2.2 of these rules are prohibited, as well as for some reasons having a link or a hint of humiliation, insult or threat to other participants of this resource.
    2.6.Prohibited phrases, offensive nature, which can somehow point to a particular user of the forum or his parent.
    2.7 The administration has the right to change the signature, avatar or status that are not in accordance with the rules of the forum. After changing the profile, the administration must necessarily notify the owner of the profile of the change. If the user repeatedly violates the rules, the administration has the right to ban it for up to three days.

    3. Prohibited in posts:
    3.1 To offend forum participants in any form, to show rudeness, racial, national and religious dislike.
    3.2Use in the communication on the forum swear expressions and words, including in a veiled form as an insult to another forum member. Use profanity as an emotional color or interjection is possible.
    • To obscene words do not refer to medical terms
    • Words "dum", "lamer", "noob", "crab" do not belong to insults.
    3.3 To engage in overclocking and multiplication off-topic.
    3.4 Write insubstantial messages, for example, as emotions, or "ty","k", "meh", "super", "na", "+100500" etc.
    3.5 Publish links, photos of erotic content, and other multimedia materials containing information that goes beyond decency, norms and violating the legislation of the Republic of Belarus and forum rules.
    3.6 The flame is forbidden - the exchange of messages, which is a verbal war. Messages of a flame usually contain personal insults and, often, are directed on the further kindling of quarrel. More often the flame flares up because of resentment on the virtual interlocutor [1].
    3.7 Flood (OFFtop) - empty talk, messages that sometimes occupy large volumes and do not carry any new or useful information. In addition, on forums flood called any offtopic (conversation is not on the topic).
    3.8 To lay claims and discuss the actions of the Chief Administrator. A forum participant who does not agree with the action can express his disagreement to the administrator by mail or in a personal message.
    3.9 It is forbidden to allocate most of the text underlined / inclined / bold / capitalized fonts, a large font. This function is used to select one or more words in the body of the message.
    3.10 It is forbidden to select most of the text with non-standard color. This function is used to select one or more words in the body of the message.
    3.11 Any advertisement posted without the consent of the Administration, as well as spam, including in the drugs, is prohibited.
    3.12 Refer to other network resources (exceptions may be links to information, as well as direct links to files and screenshots).
    3.13 Use the forum, for private messages addressed to a specific person (there is mail for this).
    3.14 Prohibited excessive amounts of grammatical errors, slang words, modern online "dialects."
    3.15 Users should leave only those messages that explicitly correspond to the topic.
    3.16 It is forbidden to use the bb-code (AT) (/ AT) to people who are not a moderator / helper.
    3.17 It is forbidden to use translit *.
    3.18 It is forbidden to offend girls who are users or part of the administration of this project. Equate them to objects of a sexual nature. Write about non-existent and existing acts of sexual intimacy. In general, any message that may be inappropriate in terms of etiquette between a man and a woman. Punishment for violation of this rule can go to the last resort - the removal of the account.
    3.19 It is forbidden to speak on political topics outside the relevant section.
    3.20 It is forbidden to direct or veiled insult to relatives of users.

    4. Threads:
    4.1 Create themes with a name that does not explain the essence in abbreviated form: "help", "problem" and the like.
    4.2 Create themes that have in their names decorations like "= ++" Title << ++ = ".
    4.3 It is forbidden to create topics that have already been discussed in the "Forum" section. The topic will be closed.
    4.4 It is forbidden to discuss topics closed / deleted by the administration, as well as moderators and administrators themselves. To communicate with the administration, use e-mail or personal messages.
    4.5 Users should create only those topics that explicitly correspond to the topic of the section.
    4.6 It is forbidden to write in topics that are addressed to the administration.
    4.7 Any topic that carries a request (for example, please give an account) must be in the House.

    5. Common:
    5.1 Create or use more than one account. However, if you want to challenge the main account's account bank, you can create an additional account that you can use within the Administration section. Violation of this rule is punishable by extending the ban on the main account to two weeks.
    5.2 Trying to harm the forum and portal it-ground.net in general.
    5.3 Distribute viruses, software, software codes that violate someone's rights and endanger users.
    5.4 Other actions falling under the Criminal and Administrative Codes of the Republic of Belarus.
    5.5 Paragraphs of rules 3.1, 3.2, 3.8, 3.9, 3.10 also apply to the rules of signature.

    6. Public and Private messages in the users profiles:
    6.1 All content of personal and public messages in the profile is not moderated.

    7. Responsibility of Moderators:

    7.1 The moderator is obliged:
    • The moderator must keep his section clean and in order.
    • Check all topics for violations of forum rules.
    • Rename topics that do not comply with forum rules.
    • Transfer topics related to other sections of the forum and mistakenly created in its section.
    • The moderator must delete the topic at the request of the person who created it.
    • The moderator is obliged to warn at least once about the violation of the rules, before bamboozling the user.
    • The moderator is obliged to ban for a period of one to seven days, depending on the complexity of the violation and the withdrawal of the moderator.
    • Remove flood and flame, as well as unauthorized advertising.
    • Closing the topics that have been resolved.
    • Fill out your section with relevant information
    7.2 The moderator does not have to:
    • Moderate is not his section.
    7.3 The moderator has the right:
    • Has the right to communicate with ordinary users.
    • Has the right not to communicate on the forum at all.
    • Has the right to help the administration in any form.
    • Has the right to claim a bonus for his work. (Depending on the feedback addressed to him).
    [1] - flame is only allowed in the Arbor section, and it is required to observe all forum rules without exception!
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