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Changelog 10/31/2016 (eng)

Тема в разделе "Server Announcements, Changelogs and Updates", создана пользователем ROffline, 31 окт 2016.

  1. ROffline

    ROffline Administrator
    Команда форума

    4 авг 2016
    • Slightly tweaked position lag of game accounts according to latest tests;
    • Fully moved & optimized database and connection to the game server:
      • Query processing is now happening instantly, so fast, as possible;
      • on the server side ( host ) completely removed moments, which may affect the friezes, lags or game freeze, the rest is left on the side of the emulator, which will soon undergo global changes, which in turn will be removed completely lag and, in case of their future existence, you can blame your internet provider;
    • made some changes in the code in order to stabilize and eliminate redundant connection requests that the server may ship;
    • All traders were forcibly kicked from the server, now they must be re-set;
    • applied correct fix on the Falcon Assault skill ,instead of temporary, which bore an element of the right hand:
      • according to the servers ruRO, bRO & kRO Falcon Assault is always neutral element, we are focused on server iRO, where this fix has not been applied and still exists on the server Classic;
    • Skill Lex Divina ( Fork ) It can now be cast on allies who are in a state of Silence and the status disappears ( according to the patch fix kRO );
    • Tweaked calculation strikes of the skill Storm Gust:
      • now, how its supposed to be, after the monster is killed, calculation resets to 0 ( because after the third strike chance to freeze the target is increased );
    • Fixed part of the code, which prevents certain types of abuse in any Instance;
    • All players that have been banned for various violations of the rules ( except bots and banned nicknames ) Ban was removed;
    • Card remover NPC no longer requires Renovatio Online Point;
    • Cost of Marrige Certificate for Renovatio Online Point is lowered;
    • Added additional check for items, which after Halloween 2016 will remain with the players ( hats ):
      • they will stop give any bonuses;
      • they automatically will be converted in costumes ( For free - transiently in developing, it will take its place at the next server works );
    • Added special NPC in Renovatio Center ( kitteh =^__^= ), which will allow player convert almost any Upper - middle - lower headgear costume, which does not give any bonuses and dressed in a special slot;
    • There was a change in the event Halloween 2016:
      • Lowered amount of monsters, which spawns by standart;
      • from most of traps , monsters have been removed;
      • monster ( Bathory ) only in event locations have Undead property allowing them to be killed by class Priest;
      • Improved the check of the players account before receiving the prize;
      • added caps with English text instead of Russian in most dialogs;
    • All monsters for 1 day was extra added Proof of Donation with low chance;