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Changelog 10/28/2016 (eng)

Тема в разделе "Server Announcements, Changelogs and Updates", создана пользователем ROffline, 29 окт 2016.

  1. ROffline

    ROffline Administrator
    Команда форума

    4 авг 2016
    A small digression ...

    Over the past 8 days, a lot of work has been done, necessary and unnecessary, much time was wasted because of all sorts of false accusations and claims of any fixes. The administration quietly followed the requirements of the players and tried to apply fixes "Online", which did not require a server restart. These changes and fixes was touching different parts of the game server:
    • monsters;
    • player skills;
    • act of monsters;
    • act of players and their position;
    • quests;
    • events;
    The administration again did a mistake and listened what small amount of players offered, which negatively affected the stability of the server and its mechanics. Topics was created, which are directly or indirectly tried to force administration, in particular, [GM] Phenomena, look like dilettante and stupid. They began to blame administration, for the disparity in relation to the players, they started to threat us, "we will lose online", Useless flood on the forum, with topics with the predictions, and lots of provocations. All of this was noted and will be controlled more rigidly.

    Why did i listened to players? Probably because, I, and other members of the administration care. Players don't see and doesn't know the amount of work, which is actually done. This takes allot of time, effort and money.

    Why do players think, that basically the ability isn't working properly? Simple answer: so it was on all the other thousands of pirate servers, but here you have it differently, therefore we have to be like them. I hasten to disappoint you, that we will not follow the examples of other servers, who did everything for the "imaginary" comfort Player. As shown, the last two days was a real war between the individual range of players and the administration. No one has won, but this war affected everyone. Why did this happened? Because the players have been given a lot of will, because the administration has been consistently loyal to all players, to bug offenders, and swearing part of the players.

    Why continue the various negatives, and quite insulting information to the Administration? Because players can not come to terms with a very simple thought: we will not dance to their flute song.

    When will it stop? Immediately. From now on, after technical server restart:
    • New format of requests, and reports of malfunctions of any aspect of the game: the player must create a forum topic with complete description of the problem, leave evidence in the form of official database ( example, iRO Classic ), official screenshots from the official game servers Ragnarok Online ( currently its iRO Classic ), Video from the official game servers. All statements without these three components will be sent to the developer of the emulator, and will hang with the tag "MISSING INFORMATION" forever. All statements with evidence from any other pirate servers will not be considered;
    • According to the created topics in the forum once a week ( if there are critical situations, then more often ) will be held fixes and technical work: If the issue does not fall in the weekly report, it will be transferred to the next week;
    • The server starts again to follow the official game mechanics as much as possible using only those fixes, that the administration considers reasonable for our project, example: Reflect Damage Fix, Anti-Maya Purple Hack, Increased MVP Respawn Time, Lowered MVP Bonus Exp and others;
    What if you do not agree with this policy? We are free in our choices, and you have only two options: continue to play and learn to play close to the official mechanics, or play & ( wait ) for other server. Every time you enter the game, you need to accept the rules or reject them.

    Administration provides a game server "AS IT IS", this was stipulated many times and repeated again. If a player refuses to these conditions, he will leave our project.

    Time Management: from this moment the administration has the right to ignore the ridiculous posts, spam, useless messages, flood ( call it what ever ) to save time and the proper distribution of force to work on the server. We will no longer be distracted by various little things: "Why i got BAN?" - ask in forum, "This is not working.." - ask in forum, "Where can i find NPC?" - ask in forum, "Do i need to get loot...?" - ask in forum.

    List of global change, that affected players and monsters ( This list will not include changes in the core, which involve the server itself work for the improvement of its performance ):
    • All configuration parameters of the characters and monsters ( Stop-rate, long range attacks, damage and etc. ) They were reset to the default value, except: Reflect Damage Fix to prevent killing of MVP with their own amount of damage, Increased MVP Respawn Time - MvP respawn time in the world of Renovatio is now doubled, Lowered MVP Bonus Exp - lowered to х1 due to the fact that now the MVP die very fast;
    • Added the ability to capture up to 10 monsters in a single cell for a gaming class Assassin + Grimtooth ( official mechanics does not allow you to do this );
    • Stop-rate returned to the standard value, now it will be adjusted to the official, after a long time and many tests on official servers;
    • The number of monsters is now set to the default value;
    • Returned additional drop from MVP;
    • Pet is returned to egg status, and all kind of Transormation falls at the entrance to WoE locations;
    • Changed and corrected gaming event Halloween 2016, Now the reward will be granted only after counting all passes player equals to his multi-chars, and other accounts;
    • Game Chat channels are now merged #main & #trade ;
    • By default, auto-login is set to #main & #support channels: the player can turn off automatic login @autocommands;
    • Added new channel #adult18plus, where players can use swearing( Attention! The channel is also prohibited to discuss the actions of the administration, speak obscenely towards administration, prohibited ALL political issues and statements ( "Glory to Ukraine", "Our Crimea" and etc. ). If the player wrote to the channel #adult18plus, but wrote in the wrong one - player will receive a penalty! );
    • Fixed work of two cards Siroma ( Imp ) with Bragi skill: instant-cast will no longer be;
    • Trap: Its working according to the official mechanics and will not be changed;

    • Skill Storm Gust: Its working according to the official mechanics;

    • Skill Focused Arrow Strike Its working according to the official mechanics;

    • Skill Reflect Damage Its working according to the official mechanics; + Reflect Damage Fix which makes it necessary to fix abuse MVP damage:

    • Skill Falcon Assault It works only temporarily with Neutral element, we will gather more information, but on the official server should work well:
    • Automatic skill Blitz Beat is not working, If a player can not hit the target ( need more information );
    • Skill Occult Impact ( Investigate ) was fixed again: damage is now working according to the official mechanics, function has been optimized;
    • Tweaked all work Instance by optimizing code;
    • Fixed information on the withdrawal mode debug the work of some skills so that you can keep track of the players in more detail;
    • Fixed quest for Eye of Hellion & NPC in Ayothaya - a closing tag has been lost, in the absence of which the players could finish the conversation only after Char Select;
    • In Veins / Rachel added the ability to teleport in to Renovatio Center;
    • Removed all additional dealers in Renovatio Center;
    • Removed unnecessary goods ( arrows, Yggdrasil Leaf , meat ) from standart Tool Dealer in Renovatio Center;
    • Added notification for Player rules each time you log into the game;
    • Added new items in Kafra Shop;
    • Added new types of services ( temporarily performed manually by [GM] Team only ):
      • Change game character nickname ( voluntarily ): 50CP ( 50 Proof of Donation );
      • Change game character nickname ( forced by administration ): 300CP ( 300 Proof of Donation );
      • Deleting characters above 90 level from game account: 100CP ( 100 Proof of Donation );