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Changelog 10/14/2016 and Global Event Whirlpool of Adventures!

Тема в разделе "Server Announcements, Changelogs and Updates", создана пользователем Phenomena, 14 окт 2016.

  1. Phenomena

    Phenomena Активный участник

    2 авг 2016
    Dear Players!
    This friday and next two days until sunday night would be crazy with our "Whirlpool of Adventures"!

    During this global event you have ability to get via game special item: Proof of Donation, that can be used for conversion as Casho Point in our Renovatio Center! Also this item can be droped by the most common monster around all Rune-Midgard with a nice 0.5% or 0.3% chance!
    Also we remember, that our stable growing community liked our Renovatio Gift Hat, that new players can get after finishing the Novice Academy... We suggest you to refill your memories with great and positive time at your path from Novice to whatever you go! Also, we made some bonuses especially for Archer and Gunslinger classes, so...

    Renovatio Gift Hat bonus for Friday, Saturday and Sunday:
    • maximum HP & SP increased twice;
    • restore 50 SP if killing monsters with magical attack;
    • restore 50 HP if killing monsters with physical attack;
    • revive after death with full HP & SP;
    • recieve additional bonus as +10% damage for long range attacks for Archer and Gunslinger;
    • from B.Lv. 1 up to B.Lv. 35 players get additional +5% experience for hunting normal ( regular ) monsters;
    • temporary skills Discount Lv. 10 & Overcharge Lv. 10 during this three days;
    • and right now this headgear can be worn until B.Lv. 40!;
    And more we will do some realtime events for very good prises!

    All players, that deside to help our server to become better, can donate and recive Cash Points with 10%/15%/20%/25%/30% cashback:
    • 330 CP - 5$
    • 690 CP - 10$
    • 1440 CP - 20$
    • 3000 CP - 40$
    • 6240 CP - 80$
    • Improved Character Delete Process:
      • for now you can't delete your character if this character still in the party or in the guild;
    • Fixed armor enchant system:
      • the wrong way of logging enchant process the enchant can be disabled after put into the cart and now this is fixed;
    • Storm Gust mechanics changed:
      • we deside to use old style Athena behavior and player / monster will be droped in random direction nor the "suck in" effect;
    • Fixed guild notice auto-change after char select;
    • Monster after-attack-act-delay for normal monster and MvP monsters increased due to make comfortable conditions to farming;
    • Disabled some notifications about failed skills and Snatcher;
    • Restored old style Athena player's behavior for wall hitting situations:
      • player continue move on the edge of the wall ( example, Thief Back Slide skill );
    • Totally fixed Cart Change bug due to incorrect packets for our client version:
      • now player can freely change cart from low to high level and wise versa without any restrictions ( exept Base Level, because this parametr influence on the skill );
    • Fixed some code path for autoloading traders, who has not empty opened store and in autotrade state;
    • Fixed @mi command to show correct exp amount and drop for Basic Account and Premium Account;
    • Fixed @rates command;
    • Fixed @ddrop command;
    • Implemented Renovatio Exchanger NPC into the Renovatio Center to exchange Proof of Donation to Cash Points and wise versa;
    • Disabled Renovatio Kafra Shop NPC in the Renovatio Center, now you can find full list with discounts on the button near minimap;
    • Removed Meat Trade NPC in the Renovatio Center, now the regular Tool Dealer in the Renovatio Center has this item;
    • Added to poring events in the standart queue;
    • Added Light Graphic Plugin ( LGP ) with next commands:
      • @lgp / @square / @circle / @aoes / @ shake;
    • Added some missing files for correct displaying ingame items;
    • Fixed some translations and item descriptions:
      • item descriptions, item weight and for Orc Archer Bow - Weapon Level graph ( Orc Archer Bow weapon Lv. 3 );
    • Added some new maps for comming Helloween Event;
    • Updated all trade options for custom items and Kafra Shop items ( a lot of them can be traded / vended / stored );
    • Updated weight of some Kafra Shop items ( almost all kinds of _Pass items for easier reborn into High Novice );
    • Added new headgears into the Kafra Shop at "Equip" tab;
    • Added @expinfo activation to the @autocommands ( @expinfo: you can see current session time, exp, exp for next level, approximately time to next level );
    • All usable items in the Kafra Shop discounted for 10%;
    • Tool Dealer in the Renovatio Center now sell Yggdrasil Leaf for standart price;
    • For Premium Account reward Special Katar is added for other types of weapon ( ATK- 200, increase damage on all size monster by 40% );
    • The Pin Code system was totally disabled:
      • warning, you still have to use @security command ingame;
    • Hunting Mission Quest reward and mechanics changes:
      • player, that made no more that 50 missions can choose the reward ( base or job experience ), amount: 20%;
      • player, that made more that 50 missions can choose the reward ( base or job experience ), amount: 25%;
    • Added Elven Ears quest( geffen,127,49 ):
      • required loot: 1 х Kitty Band, 40 x Elder Pixie Mustaches, 40 x Animal Skin, 385,000 Zeny;
    • Added new headgears to Kafra Shop ( "Equip" tab, 2 pages );
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