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Changelog 10/07/2016 (ENG) NB!

Тема в разделе "Server Announcements, Changelogs and Updates", создана пользователем ROffline, 8 окт 2016.

  1. ROffline

    ROffline Administrator
    Команда форума

    4 авг 2016
    Dear players! Attention! You need to run the patcher Ragnarok_Updater.exe

    • Fixed all the game NPC, who will be involved with the server start;
    • Added translation of 95% of our custom NPC into Russian and English (@language);
    • Regulated prices in Kafra Shop:
      • 1/3 is on the button near the minimap;
      • 2/3 is located in a special NPC in the Renovatio Center (you can get through any Kafra, for free.);
      • added a small amount of headgears in Kafra Shop
    • Settle the initial shop for Renovatio Online Point;
    • Added special item that allows players to change remaining on the Cash Point account to a special ticket Proof of Donation, which can be sold to players through the Trade / Autotrade (can only be obtained after 1 week after starting the server);
    • Novice Red Potion allowed to transfer to other players, and sell in a normal store for 0 Zeny;
    • Special food for the quests in Novice Academy can be used without restrictions on the level as the data buffs subside death (attack speed and casting speed does not have the status icons, checked the characteristics of the window);
    • Special Renovatio Gift Hat can be used up to 35 basic level, inclusive (the preparation of 36 basic-level object is removed);
    • Automatic game events on the server will not run from a server release, we'll do it after a few hours in the game without restarting any NPC;
    • War of Emperium is off from the start but the castle rotation will start from the first War of Emperium, which under normal conditions is launched next Tuesday (it will not be until the administration also manually via a special command will not launch permission check);
    • Battleground 2.0 will actively from the start, you can get there with only 80 basic level. Also, the arena will be changed every 10 minutes (so you do not read the announcements about the change of use of the arena @listenbg team);
    • There are restrictions on the passage of all Instances: to enter any one of them requires a minimum of 5 people;
    • For participation in the circuit of Event exhibited tasty reward (depends on your luck and randomness);
    • Fixed all AoE abilities, they are now working correctly and if they have a Splash Effect - then it will cause damage in the territory, rather than a single cell;
    • Fixed skill Land Protector (again) and works as requested players: extreme cage protects from AoE abilities, but as described above AoE ability to work properly;
    • Also at the request of the players Deluge / Vulcano / ... cast to this same Land Protector cancel it completely and, for example, if a player casts Storm Gust is in the process of change in the LP Deluge damage will be applied;
    • Added the ability to (returned to the old mechanics of the informal athena) DPS "gop-stop ... we came around the corner": the player who is around the corner and takes damage from AoE abilities;
    • A quick change weapons with various articles and items with skills when attacking monsters have been added involuntary function re-calculating status and abilities (bug-report zxc3);
    • Premium Account and Basic Account will no longer have a difference in the number of slots for the creation of the characters 3 characters can be created on 1 gaming account;
    • Premium Account and Basic Account will no longer have a difference in the number of death penalty: they now receive the same amount of a fine of 1%;
    • At one Master Account (forum - site) can be created no more than 5 game accounts;
    • Fixed recording when you delete a character on the incomprehensible removal time now writes simply and clearly: "Now click on the 'Delete' again.";
    • Deleting a character occurs without a delay in time, and to carry out this procedure, you must indicate your email address from the Master Account;
    • Game characters above level 90 can not be removed: the removal of these characters is considered in advance;
    • Premium Account Price has been revised: now instead of 150 is equal to the value of CP 180CP;
    • activation of the "Mail" system was carried out in the game: players can now again pass items through the mail (after some fixes bugs);
    • Drop Chance MvP and boss monsters called and became x1;
    • Stop rate for MvP and Boss monsters was increased;
    • Stop rate for ordinary monsters increased by 30;
    • The number of monsters in the locations increased by 35%;
    • Completely disabled the ability to "Transformation" (split) of the monsters Increase Soil (Mi Gao);
    • Doubled Rate (x2) to add Homunculus & Pet loyalty when feeding;
    • Slightly increased the rates the loss of objects using cards with bonuses (for example, Myst Case);
    • All MvP and Boss monsters respawn for 10% longer;
    • Plant the plants reborn by 4% faster;
    And tiny bit more:
    • Updated game EXE and server protection;
    • Added some fixes text descriptions of items;
    • Added payment systems Unitpay & PayPal;

    P.S: I am sorry if i forgot anything else...