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Changelog 09/30/2016 (ENG)

Тема в разделе "Server Announcements, Changelogs and Updates", создана пользователем ROffline, 3 окт 2016.

  1. ROffline

    ROffline Administrator
    Команда форума

    4 авг 2016
    • Modifications (not bugs) in Novice Academy;
    • Added Russian translation in most of our NPC;
    • Fixed NPC Elizabeth for dying hair colors ( He demanded two things instead of one );
    • Drop from War of Emperium 1.0 treasure chests added next items ( drop in castles NOT IN THE ORDER, which items are listed!!! ):
    • Valkyrie Feather Band [1];
    • Yellow Bandana [0];
    • Magni's Cap [0];
    • Orleans's Gown [1];
    • Odin's Blessing [1];
    • Dragon Vest [1];
    • Wool Scarf [1];
    • Dragon Manteau [1];
    • Musika [1];
    • Tournament Shield [1];
    • Valkyrja's Shield [1];
    • Orleans's Server [1];
    • Thorny Buckler [1];
    • Bradium Shield [1];
    • Stone Buckler [1];
    • Mirror Shield [1];
    • Strong Shield [1];
    • Tidal Shoes [1];
    • Renovatio Oridecon;
    • Renovatio Elunium;
    • Fixed quest in Magnesium Calcium Ferrum (item needed for a quest for dying ):
      • Acolyte class and its derivatives can continue quest even if he doesn't have skill Aqua Benedicta ( you can use Holy Water instead );
    • Sent invitation to two other guilds ( RUS + FR );
    • Castle rotation takes place once a week for WoE 1.0 & WoE 2.0 early in the morning at the WoE day ( after gathering or not gathering loot from the chests );
    • Updating statistics again turned off and will be done manually through the administration team;
    • Updated command @rbank:
      • now on the single transaction limit is set at 10,000,000 Zeny instead of 500,000;
      • temporarily closed the menu to convert all kinds of points ( It may be instead the ability to convert the remaining Cash Point on player's account to coins with right to sell for Zeny );
    • Slightly stabilized the game server code to properly load the bases of monsters and caching;
    • In test mode: added custom icons of skills Stun / Freeze / Sleep / Poison / Blind etc. which are disabled in default by Gravity;