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Changelog 09/20/2016 (ENG)

Тема в разделе "Server Announcements, Changelogs and Updates", создана пользователем ROffline, 20 сен 2016.

  1. ROffline

    ROffline Administrator
    Команда форума

    4 авг 2016
    • Finally rewrite autoloot system for class Alchemist with active homunculus:
      • autoloot works only if homunculus hunger is in the range from 10 to 25;
      • feed chance is 50% makes impossible to bots and macro using this;
    • Refinary price for weapon and armor for Basic Account & Premium Account significantly differ:
      • refine price for armor: Basic Account - 20000 Zeny & Premium Account - 2000 Zeny ( 10 times difference );
      • refine price for weapon Lv. 1: Basic Account - 2000 Zeny & Premium Account - 50 Zeny ( 40 times difference );
      • refine price for weapon Lv. 2: Basic Account - 10000 Zeny & Premium Account - 200 Zeny ( 50 times difference );
      • refine price for weapon Lv. 3: Basic Account - 10000 Zeny & Premium Account - 5000 Zeny ( 2 times difference );
      • refine price for weapon Lv. 4: Basic Account - 40000 Zeny & Premium Account - 20000 Zeny ( 2 times difference );
      • refine price for other items ( using Elunium ): Basic Account - 20000 Zeny & Premium Account - 2000 Zeny ( 10 times difference );
    • Increase chance for skill Abracadabra -> Class Change for Sage/Professor according to other chances in category with "????" marks;
    • Added @noks self|party|guild command into @autocommands - you can use only one parameter for characher per session;
    • Disabled NPC in Novice Academy that can give you a Class Skill Book ( no more actual for our server );
    • Set fixed prices for enchant armor and weapon items as regular refine prices for NPC Suhnbi in Payon that using Renovatio Elunium & Renovatio Oridicon;
    • Disabled all basic NPCs that connect with any cloth color / hair style / hair color manupulations. For now and ever this functions deligated to NPC Elizabeth.
    • Fully rewrite NPC Elizabeth:
      • now character can try all available cloth colors, hair styles and hair colors for free;
      • character can buy wanted cloth color, hair style or hair color only after special quest or after purchase Luxury Dye Coupon in Renovatio Kafra Shop;
    • Changed the list of required items for NPC Elizabeth in using Quest Purchase Method:
      • cloth color change: Cobalt Dyestaff, White Dyestaff, Magnesium Calcium Ferrum x 5, King Approval;
      • hair style change: King Approval;
      • hair color change: Scarlet Dyestaff, Magnesium Calcium Ferrum x 1, King Approval;
    • Added new patch with updated security files and game EXE to avoid some client crashes, empty message under the character head and coloured nicknames ( you have to update your game client );
    • After using command @detach player goes immediately into AFK and stop recieving Online Points. Exp and item share disable after 10 minutes.
    • Added new site block that reflect the latest community board topics;
    • In test mode added some important buttons on the website for fast access to information and download sections;
    • Added function to change your ingame account password via website ( some limitations applied );
    • Added restrictions to deletion procedure for character that Base Level 90 or above;
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